Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Whilst some still doubt the cause and potential impact of climate change, few can fail to appreciate the obvious benefits of recycling what we no longer need, and conserving the precious and finite resources we have on our planet.


Within the kitchen & bathroom industry there are many opportunities to recycle. At the first stage we at Avid Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd ensure that where practical all packaging from our kitchen and bathroom products is recycled.


In particular, we send all our ‘bubble wrap’ and a proportion of our cardboard to local businesses who reuse it as packaging for their products. This is much more efficient than traditional recycling methods and it saves the businesses, and therefore the customers, their hard earned money.


When we remove kitchen & bathroom products which are of acceptable standard, we try to pass them on to individuals and community groups who have limited funds. If you are interested in putting your name on our list we will happily contact you when something suitable becomes available.


We try to strip all types of scrap metal at every opportunity. This is then passed on to a local group who recycle it and invest the money back into their community to help improve their lives & the lives of those around them.


Finally, when we have finished work at a property, the skip company collects the bin and takes it to their site where it is scoured again for recyclable materials thus ensuring that only the minimum amount of waste goes into landfill sites.


Clearly we still produce waste, but as a company we are continually assessing our impact on the environment and researching ways in which we can be more efficient and effective in our recycling. If you have any use for any of the items we recycle, then please contact us and we can discuss ways in helping you out.